Former NRL forward Mose Masoe continues rehab from career-ending spinal injury

Speaking to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, Masoe said the feeling he experienced when he walked was akin to winning the Super League grand final with St Helens in 2014.

“It was something that sounded impossible 16 weeks ago,” Masoe said.

“If you’d said to me then I’d be walking again now, I never would have thought it would come this quickly.”

Masoe’s wife is due to give birth to the couple’s third child in July and he has started to undertake some basic, daily chores to compensate for the physiotherapy he has not been able to receive.

This has even extended to knocking back an offer to install a second stair lift in his house.

“When the Rugby League Benevolent Fund came to put in a stairlift they asked if I wanted one to the top floor and I said no,” he said.

Mose Masoe left hospital in England last month to free up space due to the coronavirus pandemic.Credit:Instagram

“I got up on my bottom using my triceps, then I could crawl up and this week I walked up for the first time with crutches.

“My missus has me vacuuming the house now and I’m using everyday jobs as my rehab so when I get to specialist facilities again I can do more than now.


“In our careers we’re used to setbacks with knee reconstructions, shoulders and broken bones.

“We know there’s a time limit for things to heal, and that when you’re doing little things every day, you might not see the benefit at first but you need to keep chipping away.

“You might not see the progress in a couple of days or weeks but all those little things add up to helping you in the long term.”


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