Richmond’s Dylan Grimes on football in the time of coronavirus

Being able to sledge your teammates for missing a set shot, all the way from the backline. Hearing the commentators call the game as you’re playing it. Pre-season-type nerves at training – in May.

This week on the Real Footy podcast, Richmond defender Dylan Grimes talks about football in the time of coronavirus, from the unexpected benefits of a very different set-up to how he’s spent his time during isolation, and what it’s like being a footballer in a very different season.

Plus, Michael Gleeson, Jake Niall and Caroline Wilson discuss all the latest footy news. Will we see a night grand final this season? There are indications that we will, should it fall at the end of October. And if we do get a night grand final, will we ever go back to a daytime decider?

Also: with Collingwood and Richmond tipped to re-open the season on Thursday June 11, we discuss how important the broadcasters are to the new fixture and the benefits of playing blockbusters earlier as compared to later on in the season.


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