Frustration as Click Frenzy site crashes

Dozens of people took to Facebook to complain they could not even login before 7pm when the sale kicked off.

Click Frenzy’s massive 99 per cent off sale is back, selling new phones and Apple Macbook’s for next to nothing.

The sale launched in November 2012 and has become internationally recognised as Australia’s iconic online shopping event, with its main event occurring in November each year as well as May.

But so far this evening, plenty of people haven’t been able to grab themselves a bargain.

“Well done, crashed again, same thing every year. Won’t waste my time,” wrote one woman on Facebook.

Another woman wrote, “I know … let’s have a huge online sale…. but use a server that can’t cope with the traffic, so it crashes two minutes in.”

People are saying they are getting told their password is incorrect or they can’t verify their accounts.

“How many Click Frenzy sales is it going to take before Click Frenzy et al up their bandwidth?,” wrote one man.

Another said the site was “very useless”.

“This is pathetic,” said another.

However, a couple of people who managed to login said they had won a iPhone 11.

A woman on Twitter said she managed to get a Dyson vacuum.

More than 2000 items from some of the world’s leading brands will be featured in the campaign that will go live for 53 hours, closing at midnight on Thursday.

The Click Frenzy Mayhem, which includes the sale of some items slashed by 99 per cent, was promoted as offering rare relief for many households struggling with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of its Go Nuts deals, an iPhone 11 will be sold for just $12 and a Macbook Air at $17. These deals will pop-up randomly throughout the 53 hours in a notification for shoppers on the website but are only available for Click Frenzy members.


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