AFL lays down the law with return to play rules

Playing golf is off limits, despite the fact that Adelaide and Perth teams will be housed in luxury golf resorts on the Gold Coast in the mini-hub created to get around West Australian and South Australian quarantine restrictions.


Other prohibited activities include sitting down in cafes (even after businesses reopen), going fishing or boating, picnics in the park, having a meal at a friend’s house, and performing volunteer or community work.

The AFL describes the restrictions in the document as the “social licence” needed to gain the exemptions from government required to get the league back up and running after the coronavirus shutdown. It says the restrictions will be reviewed as the season goes on.

“We find ourselves in unprecedented territory,” AFL boss Gillon McLachlan said in the document, while thanking the players for the sacrifices contained in the protocols.

“The purpose was to make sure we are reducing risks of COVID-19 transmission and spread in every way we can, so that we can gain government approval to engage in otherwise prohibited activities such as interstate travel, gathering in groups and have physical contact.”


AFL players return to training on Monday but cannot partake in full-contact training until May 25, ahead of the June 11 re-start.

The protocols confirm rotations will still be capped at 90, and quarters will be 16 minutes plus time on as they were before the shutdown in round one.

The restrictions are more onerous than those placed on the general community, but players are still allowed to go for a drive, get a takeaway coffee, shop for groceries, care for relatives and attend weddings and funerals within government guidelines.


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