It’s been a big week in art … with Jim Pavlidis

‘Today’s a significant step in getting footy back for everyone, our fans, clubs, players, coaches … and all who love the game.’’

So said AFL boss Gillon McLachlan on Friday, though he diplomatically neglected to add “and especially those who spend too much time on social media picking fights and sharing bitchy memes”.

Silencing the critics: AFL chief Gillon McLachlan (left, illustration: Jim Pavlidis), and the original Batman cartoon panel (1965).Credit:

Football resumes on June 11, and for level-headed lovers of the game, it can’t come quickly enough.

For eight weeks all the action has been away from the ground, most of which we could happily do without.


Sniping among players, past and present, and administrators over issues ranging from perennial
bugbears such as Victorian bias in the AFL to new problems like Adelaide’s COVID-19 transgression have cranked up the aggro to new levels.

When it resumes, footy won’t be as we’ve known it (remember round one), but at least we’ll have something real to talk about.


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