‘Easing restrictions has failed in many places’

“I know some may even have already started enjoying the new freedoms that come with easing restrictions today but that also comes with personal responsibility and I can’t stress that enough,” she said.

“Easing restrictions has failed in so many places around the world and I don’t want that to happen in New South Wales.

“I want people to have personal responsibility for the way we respond, let’s do our part in keeping everybody safe so that we can keep moving forward so that we never go backwards, that is really critical.”

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Premier Gladys Berejiklian has again asked NSW to adhere to proper social distancing to make sure today’s eased restrictions can stay in place.Source:Supplied

Ms Berejiklian said we’d have to adhere to social distancing until a vaccine or cure was found.

“If we all respect the restrictions, if we do good social distancing and appreciate even if we are waiting in a queue or catching up with friends or loved ones, we maintain that social distancing,” she said.

“It will be part of our lives until there is a vaccine or cure, we just have to accept that but we can appreciate our time staying at home has made us all appreciate what matters most in this new-found freedom we will treat respect early to make sure we can get more in the future.”

NSW has seen eight new coronavirus cases overnight from 12,200 tests.

Five of the eight cases were from known sources – all were in hotel quarantine.

Three of those in quarantine are in NSW hotels and one is interstate.

The remaining three cases were from community transmission but from existing hot spots in Bondi/Waverley and Penrith.

“We are asking people in those communities to come forward and get tested but the fact that 12,200 people came forward and got tested is outstanding,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“As restrictions are eased today, please come forward and get tested, that’s the only way in which we are going to manage easing restrictions and being able to control the virus, is by people coming forward in getting tested, people exercising social distancing when they are out and about and also people maintaining good hygiene, making sure they are washing hands frequently, not touching surfaces, and being extra careful.”


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