Cold snap to bring storms, snow, frost

Melbourne will struggle to get above 14C midweek while Canberra will sink into minus figures.

By contrast, Darwin will see beautiful warm conditions – perfect for a drink in the local beer garden.

“Cooler weather is on the cards for many Australians,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne said this morning.

A broad area of high pressure across much of the continent’s central and eastern parts is keeping the skies nice and blue, but also letting the heat from the Autumn sun’s relatively weak rays escape.

“A subtropical ridge is bringing frosty and foggy starts especially in the eastern half of the county and below average temperatures for much of the country so things are looking a bit chilly,” said Ms Osborne.

Starting in South Australia and a cold front will approach on Tuesday. A mild top of 19C will then fall to 16C on Wednesday and further still by Thursday with overnight lows of 7-9C this week. Adelaide could see some rain on Tuesday.

It’s looking like a chilly week in Australia’s south east and up the east coast. Picture: Sky News Weather.Source:Supplied

Maximums of 17C will be seen in Melbourne to start the week and before the temp drops down to 14C from Wednesday onwards. Overnight minimums will be in the high single digits. Wednesday could see some showers pass through the Victorian capital.

Hobart will see an even bigger drop in the mercury, from 17C on Tuesday to a shiver-inducing high of just 12C on Wednesday before warming up a touch to 15C later in the week. Thursday morning will see a low of just 6C.

Mt Wellington could experience snow showers midweek with lows down to -2C. Flurries can be expected across Tasmania’s peaks.

Frost could be a feature in the mornings across the eastern part of the country. In Canberra it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have to scrape the windscreen first thing this week.

A high of 14C on Tuesday sets the tone for the whole week in the capital with a low of -1C overnight.

It will be milder in Sydney but will still struggle to get into the twenties. As high as 21C on Tuesday and Wednesday and then 18C on Thursday with minimums of 9-12C overnight. Some frost is likely in the outer suburbs.

Thursday and Friday could be very wet with approaching up to 30mm of rain over both days.

As you head further north the possibility increases of a storm on Thursday when the colder weather rolls in.

Brisbane should remain around the 25C mark all week with lows in the mid-teens. Thursday could see some showers coming through and a possible storm.

Nice weather for beers in the Territory, such as the Hotel Darwin above.

Nice weather for beers in the Territory, such as the Hotel Darwin above.Source:News Corp Australia

It will reach the mid-thirties in a dry and sunny Darwin, lovely weather for a beer in the pubs that are set to reopen within days.

Still chilly in Perth however with highs this week of 15-19C, it’ll get fresher as the week goes on. The city will be in for some cold mornings as low as 7C early on Thursday and Friday. Rain is forecast for Tuesday.


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