Cleary and May hit with two-match NRL bans and fines

Penrith Panthers star Nathan Cleary is facing a two-match ban and a $30,000 fine for being ‘untruthful’ in dealings with the NRL’s integrity unit during investigations into social distancing breaches.

Fellow Panthers player Tyrone May has also been issued a breach notice and is facing a $15,000 fine and two-match suspension set to start when the competition resumes on May 28.

Nathan Cleary dancing with a group of women in a TikTok video.

It comes after 22-year-old Cleary was caught trying to cover up the extent of the breach when a contradictory TikTok video was released on social media.

“The notices allege that the players were untruthful in relation to material matters and the proposed sanctions reflect the seriousness of those allegations,” the NRL said in a statement on Monday night.


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