AFL flu jabs shouldn’t be mandatory: Swallow

“Everyone is going to have their different beliefs and opinions on this matter and I don’t know if we should be forcing anyone to do anything that they wouldn’t be comfortable doing.”

A fresh outbreak of coronavirus isn’t the only thing threatening the AFL season restart, with Adelaide under investigation for 16 of their players allegedly breaching quarantine laws, as well as AFL training protocols, by partaking in a group training session in the Barossa Valley.

Swallow said the entire Suns playing list was given a stern reminder from the club’s superiors about what was required of them during the shutdown in light of the Crows incident.

“Especially that given that training is hopefully resuming soon, that we don’t have any of those kind of slip-ups,” he said.

“The first couple of weeks we took it pretty easy, and then as the weeks progressed, and things kind of started to look a little bit like a return to play was in sight, we started to step up more of the footy stuff and [got] a bit more specific in terms of skills and that sort of stuff.

“It certainly makes it hard not having [big] numbers [to train with] but certainly finding ways.”

Gold Coast are now ramping up preparations for the potential resumption of the season, with seven of their players flying back to Queensland on Friday night.

“In terms of hitting the ground running, we should have everyone back on the Coast and ready to roll when things do kick off,” he said.

“We’ve been catching up weekly in Zooms [virtual conferences] … I’m pretty confident in the physical space that everyone’s going to be right to go.”

Swallow was also optimistic that recovering key players Rory Thompson, Jarrod Harbrow and Pearce Hanley, as well as highly touted youngster Izak Rankine, would all be fit for round two.


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