Naitanui, Eagles prepare for AFL move to Victoria

“The government laws are different in each state and Western Australia has been one of the only states that have that two weeks’ quarantine, we can’t really fly in and out like the other states,” he told SEN radio.

“Fingers crossed they give us an exception but if not, we might have to relocate to Victoria and it might be a little training hub for a while.

“It’ll be interesting but fingers crossed we don’t get to that stage.”

West Coast and Fremantle are opposed to hubs and, like the other 16 clubs, want to see a more traditional home-and-away model.

McGowan said if WA clubs were forced south it would be a serious disadvantage to them.


“Our football teams have been disadvantaged by football hierarchy for a long period of time,” McGowan said.

The AFL’s “doomsday” hubs scenario has not been received well by players, who have baulked at the prospect of up to 20 weeks locked away from loved ones.

But an extended hub set-up now won’t happen with the COVID-19 situation improving across the country and some restrictions set to be eased as soon as Friday.


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