South Sydney Rabbitohs captain Adam Reynolds compares Latrell Mitchell ‘harassment’ to Michael Jordan

The Bulls were led by the biggest of stars in Michael Jordan and Reynolds can see similarities between Mitchell and the player many consider the greatest athlete of all time.

“I think we need to give him a rest. The media keep bashing him up,” Reynolds said.

Latrell Mitchell arrives at Redfern Oval on Monday before being turned away.Credit:South Sydney Rabbitohs

“I don’t know if you’ve watched the documentary of the Chicago Bulls and what (the media) did to Jordan but they nearly lost him to the game. They pretty much did. I would hate to see us lose Latrell to all this media pressure.”

Reynolds took particular umbrage with reporters waiting at Mitchell’s door in the height of the social distancing scandal last week.

“I just think he’s a young kid and he’s on the front page of the paper five of the seven days of the week. If it was another player in his situation, they wouldn’t be on the front page of the paper,” Reynolds said.

“It’s just because his name is Latrell Mitchell. We know he’s a high-profile player but he has to have his space as well.

“I don’t think it’s fair that journos or whatnot turn up to his front door and harass him at his family home. There is no privacy in that and I think that’s crossing the boundary.”

The Souths skipper insisted he did not think Mitchell would walk away from rugby league any time soon but said the constant attention would have an impact on anyone.

He pointed to the way Jordan was scrutinised in the ’90s as evidence that even the biggest and brightest of stars can eventually be weighed down by unwanted attention.


“He’s got a great family and great support around him but at the end of the day, he’s a human being,” Reynolds said.

“If you keep knocking him and keep chasing him everywhere he goes, it can have an effect on anyone.

“It happened to Michael Jordan and he is at the pinnacle of all sports. Latrell is a young kid.

“Yeah, he’s made some mistakes. He’s coming in here and he is bubbly and all of that but he’s constantly scrutinised by the media and I think it’s unfair.”

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