Bulldogs flyer the first NRL player set to be moved out of home

The easiest option would be to find a teammate prepared to throw open his doors, but how many have a spare bathroom and bedroom?

Montoya’s mother works at an aged-care facility, but not Anglicare’s Newmarch House in Caddens where 66 staff and residents have tested positive to COVID-19 and 15 people have died.

Marcelo Montoya has been asked to move house because his mother works in aged care.

The 24-year-old flyer has been in a long-term relationship but is not moving in with his girlfriend.

Clubs were meant to resume training on Tuesday but that was delayed until Wednesday so clubs and players such as Montoya could make alternative arrangements.

“Like most clubs we have a handful of players and staff who have individual cases to work through, but the most pressing one involves one of our players whose mother works in an aged-care facility, and will likely have to look at alternative accommodation,” Bulldogs boss Andrew Hill said on Tuesday.

“What they would like him to do is find accommodation with his own bathroom and bedroom.

“But that becomes problematic because you can’t get a hotel room, and if another player on our 50-person list doesn’t have a suitable spare room and bathroom, what do we do?

“We’re currently working through that process with the NRL and biosecurity people.”

Hill praised Monday’s education day where players and staff were briefed by the medical experts on the expectations in the coming weeks and months.

It was established that visiting girlfriends who do not live under the same roof was now off-limits, as was going to the beach and playing golf. But walking dogs, which was originally on the banned list, was no longer black-listed, nor was living with people who worked as nurses or primary school teachers.


Parramatta have their own housing, which is bankrolled by their leagues club and used for out-of-town juniors they could use if an Eels player was forced to move out, while Penrith have their own Panthers House and even the Mercure Hotel on their giant premises at the foot of the mountains.

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