Get used to the chill. Aside from a brief midweek respite, it’s settling in

It’s likely to remain that way for the next few days before the mercury edges warmer. But that modest rise will be stunted as another cold front approaches.

This will hit residents of Western Australian first who have been warned to expect an “early winter” as a double serving of cold fronts barrels through bringing storms and wild winds beginning today.

Sydney’s CBD dipped below 10C early this morning, the city’s west it was below 5C at dawn. Melbourne also slipped into single figures today but Canberra beat the lot sinking to -1.3C at 6.30am.

Frost was common in many inland areas with white powder falling on the Snowy Mountains and Victorian Alps.

“A cold break spread throughout the Red Centre and down to Tasmania. The last vestige of that polar air mass will push away from the east coast,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne.

It will take a couple of days to do so with some brisk weather on the cards until at least midweek. The chill sets back in again around the weekend.

Double cold fronts are likely to keep much of Australia chilly. Into the weekend (the chart shows Sunday morning) it could be brisk across Australia from east to west. Picture: BSCH.Source:Supplied

Sydney will top out at around 20C on Monday and Tuesday before breaking 25C on Thursday and 27C on Friday. Temperatures are likely to sink back into the teens on Sunday.

There is forecast to be chilly lows of 12-13C until Friday morning when it the minimum could be as high as 17C. Then it’s down to 11C on Sunday in the CBD. In the city’s west expect temperatures to be around 5C cooler than that.

Inland, those overnight lows could easily sink to around 5C or even lower on higher ground.

Canberra is unlikely to get above 20C this week, with 16C today and 18C on Wednesday about as warm as it will get. On Sunday it might not get above 11C meaning it will be the same temperature at 3pm in the capital as 3am in Sydney the same day. This week, minimums of just 2-6C in Canberra.

Maximums in the mid to high teens in a dry Melbourne. Expect 16C today creeping up to 21C by Thursday. Then it’s down to just 15C on Saturday. Overnight lows of 7C reaching 14C early in Thursday.

Across the Bass Strait to Tasmania and it will be similar conditions with maximums in the mid teens earlier in the week reaching the late teens by Thursday and lows of 8-11C.


It’ll be sunny in Adelaide with a possible shower or two later in the week. A high of 18C today, peaking at 22C on Thursday before falling back to 16C for the weekend. Some showers are possible later in the week.

The biggest change will come in Western Australia which has largely been spared the cooler conditions, up to now.

“The south west of Western Australia has remained mild, but that’s all about to change.

“As we head into the middle of the week, we’ll start to see the first taste of winter in the west,” said Ms Osborne.

“A burst of cold air is heading towards Perth in particular.”

Storms and showers are forecast for the WA capital until late afternoon today with up to 20mm of rain falling and temperatures reaching 22C. Tomorrow it’s much of the same.

The mercury in Perth will then drop into the late teens on Thursday with a low of just 9C on Thursday.

Even stormier and possibly cooler conditions further south with Albany looking at heavy rain into Thursday and a high of just 16C midweek.

A warm 34C in Darwin with lows of around 24C during a dry week. The mercury will reach the mid-twenties in a generally sunny Brisbane for the next seven days with overnight lows of 15C.


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