End-of-year Origin makes sense: Seibold

“We’ve already had so many distractions over the last few weeks it is the right thing for this year.


“We can just focus on what we are trying to do at club level.”

As a former Queensland assistant and now Brisbane coach Seibold has seen first hand the toll Origin takes on players and teams.

And he believed it was the last thing NRL clubs needed in a season shortened to 20 rounds by the virus.

“Origin is incredible on the sporting calendar and I love it as a proud Queensland person,” Seibold said.

“But I think for us not having that window where you lose players for up to six weeks makes sense.

“And it’s not just the physical side of things, it’s the mental side as well.

“My experience as a (Queensland assistant) and also now as a head coach of players who have come back (from Origin), mentally it is a little bit draining as well.”

However, Seibold expected Origin to revert back to a midyear series next season.

“To have it outside the season this year in a unique year makes sense to me (but) whether it stays like that, I doubt it,” he said.

“I imagine it will come back to the middle of the year next year.”

However, Queensland coach Kevin Walters could see the benefits of retaining the Origin series at year’s end.

“It just makes for a great end of the season,” he told Sky Sports Radio.


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