Canberra Raiders recruit Curtis Scott close to finalising court matter

“There has been some movement, but we’re still at that stage where I have to negotiate the finer points,” Macedone said. “We’re getting very, very close to what I want. There’s just one item that’s outstanding that I need to get clarified with my client and then get a deal done. We’re nearly there.

“The offensive conduct and the trespass, they are minor matters. The big problem was the charges against him of resisting police and assaulting police, he was never going to accept those charges. They are the ones I’ve asked the police to withdraw on the basis they won’t succeed with them anyway. The conditions of it all needs to be sorted out.”

Curtis Scott is hoping to have his future resolved.Credit:NRL Photos

Former NRL CEO Todd Greenberg used his discretion to allow Scott to play until the matter was finalised in court, with the governing body reserving the right to suspend the former Storm centre pending the outcome of court proceedings.

CCTV footage of the incident obtained by the Herald in March showed Scott near the SCG being led away and pushed up against a paddy wagon with 12 police officers on scene. The 22-year-old is also seen in distress on the pavement being treated by paramedics, having earlier been Tasered and pepper-sprayed.


Asked how confident he was of a favourable outcome for his client, Macedone said: “About 99 per cent. I was out to get a certain end result and I’m happy I’m just about there.

“There is an offer on the table and there are certain conditions attached to it that need to be sorted out. I’m pretty sure we will get something resolved.

“I’m hoping by the end of this week. I want to get this sorted out before the 28th of May when they start again.”


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