Ask The Expert: Facing life after lockdown

Whether it is knowing how to explain the changes to children to help them adjust without causing fear, stress or anxiety, or knowing how to navigate the weeks ahead yourself, there is plenty think about and prepare for.

And as restrictions are eased, many people will be left to make their own decisions about how much or little they will interact with people outside their immediate family, being ever-mindful of the risks of second-wave outbreak of the virus.

The long-term effects on mental health from the coronavirus crisis might not be known for months. But there are already countless Australians struggling with financial pressures, unemployment or job uncertainty, and also facing an increased risk of domestic violence.

Ramped up telehealth services mean access to a psychologist has never been easier, no matter where you live in Australia.

President of the Australian Association of Psychologists, Anne Marie Collins, will be online at noon today (AEST) to answer your questions in an hour-long Q&A.

You can ask your questions in advance in the comments below or during the session.

Due to the number of questions, Ms Collins may not be able to answer everyone.


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