AFL biased toward Victorian clubs, says Rockliff

While Rockliff – who captained Brisbane and has spent his entire 191-game career outside of Victoria – could understand the AFL’s predicament, he was still frustrated by the stance.

“I sort of get where the AFL’s coming from. They wanted to go with Scott Morrison’s advice and the federal government,” Rockliff told ABC Radio.

“The ability for us to train in groups would have been handy but as we know the AFL makes the rules and it’s generally got a bias towards Victorian teams, and that’s just the way it goes.

“It’s something we have to adjust to but I sort of understand it in this scenario.”

West Coast chief executive Trevor Nisbett is expecting the AFL to soon change the rules surrounding group training.


“At the moment, we can have our players around in groups of 10, by law, but protocols from the AFL are you can only do it in pairs,” he said.

“That will change very rapidly and hopefully we’ll be able to at least start training with groups of 10 and then a few weeks down the track we may be able to get a full group of guys training together.”



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