Melbourne Storm to find out Sunday where they will train for NRL return

If Victoria is ruled out altogether, they are likely to end up in Albury and that appears to be the most likely outcome but the club has also looked at options in Sydney as a last resort.

Donaghy said if the team leaves Melbourne then the 32 players will be joined by 18 staff in their new location, which is expected to remain their base until they can again train at home.

“We are still in discussions with the Victorian government and our preference is to stay in Melbourne but those who know our football club know we have plans A, B, C, D and E all mapped out to within an inch of their lives,” Donaghy told ABC Grandstand on Saturday.

“We expect to know tomorrow [Sunday] whether we can train in Melbourne or not. Or in Victoria or not.

“If that’s not the case then we will be heading elsewhere. There are some border-town options and Sydney is an option as well.

“We will know definitively tomorrow [Sunday] one way or the other.”

Reports surfaced during the week the players may boycott Monday’s briefing until they had concrete information on the size of the pay cut that will follow due to the lost revenue from the season being stalled and crowds locked out.

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald reported this week the cuts could be as much as 20 per cent off their annual wage due to a 52 per cent pay cut over the last five months of the year.

Donaghy said he understood the concerns of the players.

“For Monday, we have approval to hold an education session around the biosecurity protocols with our playing squad at AAMI Park so that will take place,” Donaghy told ABC Grandstand.

“The players will be briefed fully on what it means for them, not just in and around the club but outside the club.

“There have been a number of matters that any employee would want to work through. All of them have been fair and reasonable.

“Our understanding is players are accepting of a 50 per cent pay cut for the rest of the year and that’s a selfless position the players are adopting as everyone is across the community.

“We will be providing the players with the safest, healthiest possible environment. They will notice a change and they are absolutely committed to playing and kicking off the season on May 28.”

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