Police operation in Coogee blocks residents from accessing to homes

Police blocked off entry to Havelock Ave in Coogee this morning and refused to allow residents to access their homes or for workers to access their businesses.

News.com.au understands a man, 28, had been inside a unit block on Havelock Ave. A neighbour told news.com.au police ordered residents in the apartment block to leave and asked her to give up their keys.

Heavily armed police stormed the apartment block about 8.30am, supported by uniformed police and detectives on the scene.

A second man in blue track pants argued with police officers while seated on the footpath in handcuffs.

“I didn’t do sh*t, and you guys come and drag me against the wall,” the man could be heard yelling at the officers as he was held by heavily armed officers outside Saint Barbershop. “You guys are f***ing aggressive man.”

A second man was also arrested and driven away in a paddy wagon.

Heavily armed police arrested a man after a police operation in Coogee.Source:Supplied

A man is arrested in Coogee this morning.

A man is arrested in Coogee this morning.Source:Supplied

“I went to do my morning swim, came back and there was more police around here,” a neighbour told news.com.au.

“I went inside and … as I came back out I walked straight into two police officers and they took my keys to go into the police.”

Cops told residents from the apartment block to hole up in the cafe a few doors down as the drama unfolded.

“The two guys that came out, I can see straight into their house and I thought a couple of weeks ago that there was something weird going on because the lights would be on until 7am,” the neighbour said, adding that the men would keep to themselves.

A NSW police spokesperson told news.com.au police were called to the unit block at 5.15am.

“No further information is available at this time,” the spokesperson said.


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