Guide Dogs Australia is hosting a ‘Zoom Puppy Meeting’

People are invited to join the Zoom meeting from midday to 12.30pm on Wednesday, April 29 to learn about the importance of guide dogs in the lives of people living with blindness or low vision.

Zoom – a three-week-old guide dog puppy – will join the videocall, as well as other fully-trained guide dogs.

The majority of guide dogs used in Australia are purebred Labrador Retrievers, however golden Retrievers and a mix of the two breeds are also used. The golden, chocolate or black-haired dogs are chosen for their calm, loyal, and intelligent personality and easily recognisable physique.

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There is a Zoom call for everyone these days.Source:Facebook

The national organisation, Guide Dogs Australia manages the six state-based ‘Guide Dogs’ branches and works to deliver essential services to children, teenagers, and the elderly who are blind or have low vision. While they estimate it costs over $50,000 to raise and train a guide dog, the charity works to provide their services through no costs to the individual.

According to Guide Dogs Australia, more than 450,000 Australians who are blind or have low vision, with that number set to significantly increase due to Australia’s ageing population.

Guide Dogs Australia has more details about the puppy videocall on its Facebook page.

Zoom, which has 300 million users, had the luck to be in the right place at the right time just as millions of employees around the world suddenly found themselves ordered to work from home.


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