Leading immunologist accidentally asks Twitter for Dan Murphy’s opening hours

Peter Doherty, the professor helming the country’s coronavirus research and one of the world’s leaders in the field of immunology, left social media users in stitches this evening after an errant tweet transformed into a cheeky back-and-forth between followers.

It comes after he mistakenly asked his more than 26,000 followers for the opening hours of the alcohol retailer Dan Murphy’s – to which the entire nation can surely relate.

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After sharing the query meant for Google, Mr Doherty, who clearly needs a stiff drink as much as the rest of us, has played along with the slip-up to the delight of Aussies who picked up on the gaffe.

The tweet remains active at the time of writing, with Mr Doherty, one of the experts active in the many discussions surrounding a vaccine for COVID-19, confirming it was a classic case of too many open tabs.

Embracing the missive in an unexpected venture into comedy, he even went on to cheekily poke fun at US President Donald Trump’s recent public speculation surrounding ingesting disinfectant to cure coronavirus.

Nobel prize winner Professor Peter Doherty has lit up Twitter this evening. Picture: Supplied.Source:News Corp Australia

“If this is something to do with a clinical trial sign me up,” one user quipped, to which Mr Doherty replied: “Whole lot safer than bleach.”

Echoing the sentiment of many experts battling on the coronavirus frontline, one user chimed in: “It’s only Monday! The days just run into each other … day on day … tweet on tweet … this way lies madness.”

In another response, to a follower who kindly shared the alcohol retailer’s opening hours, he wrote: “Many thanks, just what I was trying to find out. Why bother with Google, where I was meaning to be, when there’s so much help available via Twitter?”

And in the coronavirus meme crossover the nation needed, the ABC’s political editor Andrew Probyn, who has become the source of a number of Tik Tok press conference parodies titled “Andrew, I’m Sorry”, even offered to do a pick-up for the professor.

The slip-up has since rightly earned him an influx of new followers, later tweeting: “Not sure what this means but, since inadvertently tweeting about Dan Murphy at lunchtime, I seemed to have picked up 1100 followers.”

Mr Doherty won the Nobel prize for medicine in 1996 with his Swiss colleague Rolf Zinkernagel for “their discoveries concerning the specificity of the cell-mediated immune defence and the biological role of the major histocompatibility complex”.

The Doherty Institute, of which Mr Doherty is patron, has been at the forefront of Australia’s response to the pandemic.

Now, won’t somebody get the man a drink?


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