It’s been a big week in art … with Jim Pavlidis

“It can be quite tiring … you work all day, train at night, don’t finish until 10.30 and have to get up at five the next morning.”

A delicate balance: North Melbourne’s AFLW MVP Jasmine Garner, and Dorothea Tanning’s Arizona Landscape (1943 original).Credit:

Sounds familiar? They’re the words of 2020 AFL Players’ Association Most Valuable Player award winner and apprentice plumber Jasmine Garner last week, though they could have been uttered by any number of AFLW players who juggle the gruelling demands of work and football.


Dorothea Tanning was one of art’s great multi-taskers, excelling not only as a painter but also as a sculptor, writer and poet.

Like the AFLW, Tanning’s reputation was often viewed in relation to a powerful male partner.

Throughout a 30-year marriage to art megastar Max Ernst, and then for another 36 after his death, she created a body of work of rare breadth and quality.


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