Todd Greenberg praised by Brad Fittler, wasteful clubs targeted

“You’ve got to say, (Greenberg) has been held accountable for the whole finance of the game and what everyone looked back and thought was quite poor running of the game.

“When you look at the clubs and the amount of money wasted on their CEOs and their bosses going in and out of the clubs, it’s incredible.

“The amount of wastage we have in this game. There’s an absolute lack of patience going on at the moment.”

Fittler’s comments come days after a News Corp report revealed NRL clubs had lost a combined $31 million in 2019 despite annual grants from the governing body from the lucrative broadcast agreement.


A report had also claimed there had been 100 different CEOs and chairs in the last five years among the clubs, contributing to excessive spending.

Fittler felt for Greenberg, saying the former NRL boss should be proud of what he achieved during his four-year tenure.

“I think everyone would agree that Todd’s always stood up and he’s answered all the big questions,” he said.

“I think the finances of the game have been what tipped him over the edge, but there’s some things that he’s done (that have been) fantastic.

“The growth of the women’s game has been on his watch and I think that’s probably been the most exciting thing that’s happened in footy in the last couple of years.

“He can walk away with his head held high.”


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