Ask The Experts: Advice for vulnerable patients

Early data suggests they may have an increased risk of COVID-19 complications, and there are also concerns that people are missing important check-ups and treatments because they are worried about catching the virus or they don’t want to add to pressure on the health system.

Professor Tom Marwick recently collected indicative data from colleagues at several Australians hospitals, which showed a significant drop in attendance for heart attacks and related symptoms, mirroring reports in the US and the UK.

The Director of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is also concerned about the impact of isolation on lifestyle factors that are critical in reducing our risk of heart disease and diabetes, such as diet and exercise.

Professor Marwick will be online at noon today (AEST) to answer your questions in an hour-long Q&A.

You can ask your questions in advance in the comments below or during the session.

Due to the number of comments, it may not be possible to answer everyone.


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