Tim Lafai’s wife praises Dragons star for seeking help

“Thanks for all the messages of support that Timmy and I have received over Easter,” she posted on Instagram.

“I feel it’s important that everyone understands that this is a mental health issue and has nothing to do with domestic violence.

Jacqui Lafai’s post.Credit:Instagram

“The police and ambulance came only for Tim’s safety and welfare. He is a loving husband, and wonderful and patient father to our beautiful babies.

“I am so proud of him for seeking help despite knowing this would cause him personal pain and media scrutiny. He did that because he put his family first.


“It hurts us all to see the media community attack him when he was at his most vulnerable. Perhaps that is why it has taken him so long to confront his mental health wellbeing and reach out for professional support.

“He is in the right place and will be home with us in no time.

“Once again, thank you so much to everyone for your support and kind words.”

Lafai has made 165 NRL appearances for the Bulldogs and Dragons, but faces an uncertain future. The Samoan international is off contract at a time when the NRL is refusing to register new contracts due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak.


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