Healthy Moore keen on long-term deal

“I mean, it’s hard to say. Obviously, I’d like the security of a longer-term deal. But if that’s not going to be feasible in the current climate that the industry’s in where losing so much revenue, who knows? That’s all got to be worked out – that’s anybody’s guess.”

Moore, the son of ex-Collingwood skipper Peter Moore, said there were “bigger fish to fry” in football than his contractual future, given the financial challenges facing the competition.

Asked about how he would deal with the potentially reduced salary cap when coming out of contract, Moore said: “Well, I don’t know. I don’t see that you can properly negotiate until that stuff is properly worked out.

“How do you negotiate a deal when you don’t have a salary cap for the whole industry?”

Moore said the Magpies had made a number of “awesome changes” to his soft-tissue management regime and that he did not think he was “in danger” any more than any other player, having had a great pre-season.

“The club has made a lot of changes to its fitness department, which has set me up with a brand new program in the past sort of 12 months, particularly in the last six months over the pre-season. I got through the pre-season amazingly well, got through the finals feeling great.

“So we’ve made some awesome changes. I’m at a point now where I’m well and truly out of the woods and for me … I’ve just got to be diligent and I’ve got to be professional and extremely focused.

“I can’t drop the ball … beyond that, I’m not in any danger compared with anyone else.”

Moore also said that the Collingwood coaches had tried, unsuccessfully, to get him to spoil, but that he preferred to fly for his marks – as he had when opposed to contemporary Joe Daniher last Anzac Day, in a duel he called “one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had on an AFL field”.

“That’s the way I play, that’s the way I like to defend is to go for my marks, I’m perpetually being told by coaches to spoil more, but I love – I sort of refuse, because you miss 100 per cent of the shots you don’t take.

No spoilers: Defender Moore prefers to fly for his marks.Credit:Getty Images

“Yeah, I was just going for my marks and so was he [Daniher].

“You know, I’ve got a little bit of the attitude that you’ve got to fight fire with fire.”

Moore called Daniher – who turned the game that the Magpies just won by a point – “very imposing” and “someone I really respect”.

Moore said he had enjoyed training alone, during the shutdown and of the freedom he had to devise his own training.

“I’m actually really enjoying the mental side of being able to train myself and being sort of independent. It’s kind of nice to have to fend for yourself and make up workouts and running sessions.”

He said he had been playing some kick-to-kick with fellow Magpie Mason Cox – the players being permitted to meet with one other teammate – at Victoria Park, the old home of the club.

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