QLD Premier hits back at Fittler, set to meet NRL

“We’re playing – I don’t care if your team turns up or not – we’re playing. It will be 3-0. Not having an open mind is pretty unpolitical of them.

“You’ve got an industry that employs a lot of people ticking all the boxes and looking at everything and you’ve got a Premier of Queensland just dragging it down.”

In response, a spokesperson for Palaszczuk on Sunday labelled Fittler’s criticism as “ridiculous” and pointed out the Premier is dealing with more pressing matters in the heat of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s ridiculous. The Premier is in the midst of a global pandemic and is managing the health concerns for Queensland,” a spokesperson for Palazczuk said.

“They always come first. The Premier has said often that the health advice comes first.”

Palaszczuk has also thrown her doors open for discussions with the NRL regarding possible travel exemptions for the state’s three NRL clubs. Those talks are expected to be held in the coming days.


While wanting the season to resume as soon as possible, club sources at the Broncos, Cowboys and Titans have told the Herald their preference is to travel to and from their respective bases on game day – as each travelling club did in the final round before the season was suspended – as soon as that is possible.

There is some hope within the Queensland-based clubs that travel restrictions within Australia may have eased by the May 28 season return date. If not, there is hope an exemption could be granted.

Cowboys coach Paul Green told Nine’s Sunday Footy Show he is yet to raise the subject of a prolonged stay in Sydney with his players.

“Once you start that conversation, there are so many questions that will arise that we can’t answer,” Green said.

“There is so much still up in the air. We haven’t really gone down that path too seriously yet.

“I will say that we are committed to getting the comp back on and we will do whatever we can but we have to balance that with what is feasible and what is also healthy for our players, as well.”

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