Israel Folau and wife Maria take stock in French lockdown

While she didn’t mention the issues surrounding her husband, Maria admitted the lockdown had its benefits after “14 years on the run” with netball.

“I haven’t had so much time to breathe, be still and really reflect on everything really,” she said.


“Izzy and I never get this much time together. It’s been really awesome for us to just do nothing and annoy the heck out of each other because that’s what married couples do. France has been really cool to us, to be completely honest, it’s been really fun and we’ve been enjoying this opportunity here.”

The household has swelled by three for the lockdown, which will continue in France until at least May 11.

Maria’s brother, Bordeaux-based professional rugby player Masalosalo Tutaia, was visiting at the time a strict lockdown was announced, along with his fiancee and son.

They couldn’t return home in time so stayed in southern France, providing company and entertainment.

Maria said she had no thoughts of playing netball again, saying the World Cup final win over Australia in Liverpool last July gave her a sense of fulfilment.



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