Warriors set to stay in NZ beyond this weekend

Until then, both the Warriors and the NRL will seek advice from the Australian and New Zealand governments regarding travel restrictions and self-isolation plans.

The club is also eager to find out whether families will be permitted to visit or travel with the team, given they may be forced to stay in Australia for months.

In limbo: The New Zealand Warriors are still waiting for crucial details about their potential return to the NRL.Credit:AAP

Unless current plans for a four-week pre-season are pulled back to two or three weeks, the Warriors’ delayed departure puts the May 28 resumption date in serious doubt.

All 16 NRL clubs are slated to return to pre-season training on May 4 but, if the Warriors leave one week later than initially planned, they will be forced to self-isolate in Australia until May 10, rather than May 3.

The other 15 clubs training while the Warriors are in self-isolation would be a serious setback for the Auckland-based club, which struggled to fire a shot in the first two weeks of the season.

“We want the Warriors to be part of the 2020 season and we are doing everything we can to not only make that happen but provide the support they need at a family level,” V’landys said.


“It’s important to understand that our aim to restart the competition on May 28 is still six weeks away. We’re not proposing to start the competition next week.

“Accordingly, we have ample time to analyse the data and ensure the infection rate is at such a low level there is minimal risk to our players or the community.

“It also gives us time to make all the necessary arrangements for the Warriors.”

George did not return requests for comment but released a statement addressing the NRL meeting.

“I raised a number of matters with the NRL on behalf of the players late last week and we have made progress today,” he said.

“The key for us is to be in possession of all the information we need so our players, football staff and their families have a full understanding of what we’re facing. There is still much detail to be worked through over the coming days but I’m encouraged with where we are now.”

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