Scott behind push for mid-week AFL games

The Geelong coach is unsure how players would handle the increased workload, but sticking with shorter quarters would be a way to do it.

“I suspect I would cope a lot better than some of the players,” Scott told Fox Footy.

“I think, in principle, the idea of shorter games, but maybe even open up the possibility for more games in the season to get a bit more equity in the competition.

“Those ideas have merit and it’s also possible players could back up a little bit quicker if the game was adjusted a bit.

“I’ve always been an advocate of playing more games consistently through the week.


“The idea of Monday night football and Thursday night football; the big marquee games virtually every night of the week has some appeal.”

The AFL has gradually increased the number of Thursday night matches in recent years, but has steered away from Monday night football since 2011.

Various reports have suggested the AFL is looking into scheduling football on every day the Tokyo Olympics were supposed to be on.


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