Former St Kilda Saints forward Paddy McCartin eyes AFL return after concussion layoff

Coronavirus issues meant the test had to be delayed, but the 35-game key forward said his doctors were confident he would have passed.

“Basically that means that I have no longer got any concussion stuff to worry about. I can just return to training as a full player,” McCartin told SEN radio on Monday.

“At the moment I’m not on a list anywhere, so I’d have to get back on a list somewhere, but in terms of concussion or anything like that I’m basically the same as anyone else now.

“The doctors have told me I don’t have any greater risk than any other player on an AFL list when I go out and play footy [in terms of] getting concussion.”


McCartin continued training with St Kilda over summer despite no longer being on the list and was working out in the club’s rehabilitation group before the AFL went into shutdown mode last month.

While he would love to resume playing with the Saints, he is prepared to go anywhere to kick-start his career via the draft.

“I absolutely would love to be playing footy,” McCartin said.

“There’s no guarantees in footy and more than ever there’s a little bit more uncertainty in terms of trying to get back onto a list.


“But I’m really hoping that someone anywhere would want to potentially take a chance because the fire’s burning pretty deep and I want to play, so it’s just about getting that opportunity.”

McCartin could potentially return to an AFL list later this year if proposals for a mini-draft are approved before the 2020 season resumes.

If not, a return in 2021 via one of the usual draft methods looms as his most likely chance.


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