Collingwood’s ‘stuff up’ overlooking Cripps led to change: Rendell

Collingwood’s just-departed veteran recruiter Matthew Rendell has explained the mistake that led the Magpies to err by overlooking Carlton superstar Patrick Cripps, and how the club’s review of that decision led to a shift in their thinking.

Rendell, the former Fitzroy captain and senior St Kilda assistant coach, who became Adelaide recruiting manager and then a senior recruiter at Collingwood, said the Magpies’ recruiting department had drafted Brayden Maynard 12 months later partly because of lessons learned from bypassing Cripps with two selections in the top 10 of the 2013 national draft.

Patrick Cripps. Credit:AAP

Rendell, whose position at Collingwood was made redundant following round one, having previously been relegated to part-time this year, said the Magpies had misjudged Cripps by paying too much attention to his poor aerobic running. They drafted Matthew Scharenberg at pick six and then Nathan Freeman at No.10, who had significant injuries that hampered their careers, as Cripps was selected by the Blues at pick No.13.

“The lesson learned out of the whole thing was Cripps at 13,” Rendell said. “Great kid, great interview, great clearance … but basically didn’t run outside the square.


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