Social restrictions beginning to frustrate despite strong support

Restrictions on socialising, being stood down from work and having to stay at home are among the biggest frustrations for Australians amid the coronavirus pandemic, new research shows.

Although tough measures imposed on the public by governments to halt the spread of COVID-19 are broadly supported, about two in five Australians say they are making life “very difficult”, with young people and those living in the inner suburbs finding them the hardest to deal with.

Australians are struggling with the impact of physical distancing restrictions on their lives. Credit:Peter Rae

Newgate Research’s weekly tracking study of more than 1000 Australians, taken between Monday and Wednesday, has found people are struggling most with the lack of social interaction, impacts on their income, having to stay at home and being unable to exercise like they usually would.

Community alarm about coronavirus remains very high although it has dipped for the first time in the five surveys conducted since the start of March, with 63 per cent “extremely concerned” about it, compared to 74 per cent last week.


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