Patrick Dangerfield not sure about keeping short quarters

“Clearly we’re still in the middle of a current CBA so the way I see it is that 20 minutes plus time on, 22 games throughout the season – so the CBA will have to be revisited,” Dangerfield told Channel Seven on Sunday.

“It’s not just as clear cut as saying, ‘Oh it worked really well in round one, let’s continue it’.”

The Brownlow medallist also has reservations about proposed playing list cuts down from 38-40 to 35 as part of a leaner AFL club model for 2021.

He feels players will be under pressure coming off a massively interrupted year.

“The expectation on players is huge in terms of the physical component of the game,” he said.

“Reducing lists a significant amount would clearly have an impact on that.”


Dangerfield led the players’ union’s discussion with the AFL, which resolved a minimum 50 per cent pay cut for the season and was proud of their quick resolution.

But he came under fire from some parties, including AFL legend Leigh Matthews, which he said had been hard to swallow.

“It takes years to organise and orchestrate a CBA and we changed one in just a few days,” said Dangerfield.

“It was tough that week – any time that players or the Players’ Association are slandered throughout the industry, it gets to you.

“I haven’t spoken to Leigh yet but I’m sure I will get the chance.”


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