Tiger Liam Baker’s isolation easy in the most isolated part of Australia

The region’s claim to fame, other now than Baker, is that Nat Fyfe lived in nearby Lake Grace. That’s about an hour’s drive away, give or take.


“We are in the middle of WA. There’s not much here,” Baker said.

“I couldn’t tell you how many people live here. Wouldn’t be a hundred. I think you can count the families on one hand.

“On the Sunday morning we were told footy was off and on that arvo I was on a flight back. I don’t have too many family ties to Melbourne, so it was much easier to be home.

“I am used to isolation. It’s just the family here, my mum and dad. One of my sisters is in Perth and the other one is about to have a baby. She lives on a farm about an hour away.”

The family has 10,000 acres running sheep and wheat. How many sheep?

“I couldn’t tell you. It used to be four or five thousand, I’m not sure how many now,” Baker said.

“I have always loved the sheep work. As a kid that was always my favourite, more than the wheat.”

Sheep – and not much else – call the isolated Baker family farm home.

Baker has a home gym set up in his barn.

Baker has a home gym set up in his barn.

Baker blends his days now between helping his dad on the farm, ripping around on quad bikes and the tractors working with the sheep, and doing his footy training.

He has borrowed weights from the local footy club and set up a gym in the shearing shed. A barbell hangs from a forklift, dumbells sit below the shearing machine next to the sheep chutes.

The running is the hard bit. The tracks are dry and hard; grass is just a Punt Road memory.

“It’s pretty hard on the body but it’s better than nothing,” he said.

“It’s dry and hot so the running is hard.

“It’s what I did in the off season to keep fit when I came home and I came back in good shape from that, so it is keeping me fit.”

The family barely needs to go into town, so isolation restrictions don’t really apply. The alternative was staying in Melbourne and getting cabin fever in the Northcote house he shares with Jayden Short.

Regular housemates Jayden Short (left) and Liam Baker.

Regular housemates Jayden Short (left) and Liam Baker.Credit:AAP

“I love it out here,” he said.

“I have a lot better situation than other people, so I can’t complain.”

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