Free childcare for working parents, Scott Morrison announces

“It will be a system which will mean parents will get their children cared for for free,” he said. “You do not have to worry about trying to look for new care for your children.”

Mr Tehan said 60 per cent of the costs of a childcare centre were wages, and the JobKeeper subsidy will provide support the sector “to the tune of over $1 billion”.

With this additional support, it will boost assistance to the sector to $1.6 billion.

Mr Tehan said the only conditions for childcare centres to receive the payments were that the childcare centre must remain open and must provide care for those parents who need their children cared for.

“They must also seek to re-enrol those parents who might have dropped off,” he said.

Attorney-General Christian Porter also gave an update on the changing of employment terms and conditions for millions of workers across retail, hospitality and other sectors.


The changes have meant that it is no longer unlawful in some professions to work from home and provide increased amounts of annual and medical leave at half-pay.

He thanked the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Australian Industry Group and individual employer associations for their work.

“They would have saved tens of thousands of jobs,” Mr Porter said. “It is not a matter of the government claiming credit for those changes. We are here to thank the parties who have facilitated those changes.”


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