AFL has enough flexibility to complete 17-round season: McLachlan

“And it’s certainly later than June 1 – we can get our season away later than that.

“So it may get to the point that we need to look at different models beyond 17 but at the moment we have given ourselves that flexibility by 17 rounds.

The AFL remains confident of getting through a 17-round season.Credit:Getty Images

“We’ve got a really united industry, a united group of players and clubs that know that it’s plausible to get 17 rounds away [and] almost maybe in less than 17 weeks if we compress it a little bit – maybe we could pick up one or two weeks there over the course of 17 weeks.

“So we have time beyond June 1 to get 17 rounds away.”


Meanwhile, McLachlan said AFL club members could ask for refunds if they needed but emphasised the importance of memberships to the 18 clubs’ financial viability.

“Of course [members can get refunds]. If they need it, they can,” he said.

“But yes, we would love them to stay because our industry is in a battle and our clubs are in a battle to get through and the membership is their life blood.

“But all I’d say is I understand the pain going on out there and people need to make their own decisions … Though I know our members understand how big their contribution of membership is to their clubs.”


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