Andrew Bogut warns players of potential post-shutdown injuries

Andrew Bogut, who went through the months-long NBA lockout of 2011 while playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, would not be surprised if there was an AFL injury spike should the season recommence following the shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2011 NBA season was delayed for five months because of a pay dispute between players and club owners, meaning players could not train at club facilities or access their team’s staff. The heavily condensed season went ahead with players given less than a week’s notice and injuries increased.

Andrew Bogut experienced a shutdown during his time with the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.Credit:AP

AFL players will be given a month’s notice before games resume, but unlike the NBA players they cannot access public gyms and weight rooms during the break. They will be restricted to their homes.

“It would not surprise me if there’s a lot of injuries whenever it starts without a proper pre-season because that’s just the reality of what you’re dealing with,” Bogut told The Age.


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