Dockers in survival mode as 75 per cent of staff culled

Mr Garlick said more than 75 per cent of staff across every operational area of the club were stood down until further notice, with a skeleton crew to work severely reduced hours to keep the club operational during the suspension period, which will initially run until 31 May.

“These people deliver your game-day experiences, they deliver programs to our local schools, they answer your membership calls … they look after our players mindsets, health sets, heart sets… and boots,” Mr Garlick said.

“They look after valuable, long-standing partnerships. They make sure our fans know the how, what, when and why via regular and informative communications.

“They are wonderful people who, for the time being, cannot do what they love doing most… which is working hard for this football club. This is why yesterday was such a tough day.”

Mr Garlick said he hoped addressing the club’s expenditure immediately would minimise the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

“We will now shift our focus to our revenue streams and establish a framework to enable our key stakeholders – members, corporate partners and sponsors – to support their club if they are in a position to do so,” he said.

“We understand and respect that everyone’s personal circumstances are different, and we will work through such frameworks with this in mind.”


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