Clubs seek clarity from NRL as players move to at-home training

The Sharks were given individual plans by their head of athletic performance Matt Jay yesterday and were given supplies of supplement and protein shakes.

But for players like Bronson Xerri, Josh Dugan and Matt Moylan who are all recovering from injury, the club is also confused about the ruling behind how to best give players treatment, with the NRL yet to set guidelines as to whether players are allowed to continue rehabilitation programs indoors.

Shaun Johnson took the club exercise bike from the club gym, as players prepare for isolated training.

It is understood the NRL is currently working up a policy when it comes to duty of care for injured players which will likely be finalised on Friday and will be equal across the 16 clubs.

The Eels are looking at potentially delivering rehabilitation programs by a skeleton staff through FaceTime in the interim, while the Raiders have organised individual time slots for players to see their physio to ensure they’re coming in just one at a time.

The Tigers have encouraged players not to congregate together until they get a further ruling from the NRL and cannot have players training at Concord in small packs as they would not be insured to do so.

Dragons executive manager of football Ben Haran addressed the entire playing group on Wednesday, as training was suspended for a minimum two weeks. All 35 players will be provided with individualised training programs in the coming days, and have provided the squad with “innovative ways” to stay connected to club staff.

NRL club gyms are set to stand empty for months.

NRL club gyms are set to stand empty for months.

“We have also challenged them to take on new tasks and explore new education options as a means to remain active throughout this unprecedented period,” Haran said.

Knights players have been given a “nutritional pack” to keep them fit at home, as well as exercise bands, footballs and cones in the hope they can carry out their programs in local parks.

The Titans are putting in orders to their equipment sponsors to purchase at-home gyms for their players, who are welcome to take the club gym equipment home in the meantime.


Meanwhile, the Raiders have been given the week to spend time with friends and family ahead of expected pay cuts for players.

On Wednesday morning, Souths player Damien Cook spoke about the confusion on Big Sports Breakfast and said players are waiting to see what they can and can’t do in terms of training.

“We are sort of waiting on a couple more meetings for where we can move forward on how we can keep training and keep in shape,” Cook said. “After this week we should know if we can train in small groups as long as we follow guidelines … hopefully we are able to go to Redfern as long as it’s in small groups.”

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