Coronavirus advice from government ‘encouraged’ NRL to play on, says Todd Greenberg

“In saying that, we are going to take some advice today from both federal and state governments and also, our health experts. If we can continue to play – which is what our desire has been all the way along – then we will do so.”

Greenberg revealed both federal and state governments have encouraged the NRL to continue playing, despite the rest of the nation starting to shut down.

‘We haven’t given up hope’: Todd Greenberg.Credit:Getty

“We’ve been encouraged by both governments – state and federal – to keep going, for the exact reason you just mentioned,” he said.

“In times of great difficulty – particularly for communities – one of the last pieces they can hang onto is live sport and having some interaction over the weekend and there’s not much left, to be frank, at this point in time. If we can keep our game alive, then I think that has a variety of positives in it.”


ARL Commission chair Peter V’landys said the suspension of the season would be “catastrophic” for the future of the NRL and while Greenberg admits the game will be “stopped occasionally”, the powerbrokers at League Central are desperate to keep providing content for broadcasters so bills can be paid.

“If we’re realists, what I said last week – and this stands – is that 2020 won’t be a straight line,” he said. “We are going to get some bumps in the road and we are going to get stopped occasionally.

“But in saying that, we’re not going to roll over and take it as it is, at the moment. We are going to try and keep the games going. It’s very important for a variety of reasons and also so that we can keep our industry afloat.

“Where we can play and where there is no good reason not to play, we’re going to keep trying.”


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