MCG could host AFL games until October 10 before ICC Twenty20 World Cup takes place in Australia

With so much uncertainty around the scheduling of AFL matches and the AFL yet to make a decision on whether round one will go ahead, Fox said common sense would need to prevail when discussions occurred about the staging of the AFL grand final.

He said the MCG wanted to host the grand final and finals as per their contract arrangements but said when the picture was clearer parties could then discuss what was best for all involved.

The MCC says it could host an AFL grand final up to October 10 before cricket intervenes.Credit:Justin McManus

“If we all live and die by legal contracts we will be in courts for the next six months,” Fox said.

The AFL owns Marvel Stadium and could potentially play the grand final at that venue if necessary with AFL CEO Gillon Lachlan declaring on Monday that an abridged season would be played.


The MCG would need a 14-day gap between the final AFL game and the first World Cup cricket match.

Fox said there would also be possibilities to play AFL games in late November and December at the MCG if the 17-game season stretched that far. He also said it was relatively inexpensive to host games without crowds as they prepare for Carlton v Richmond on Thursday night, however the financial impact on the MCC was significant.

“We are in the business of mass gatherings,” Fox said.


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