Collingwood president Eddie McGuire tested and negative for COVID-19, Taylor Adams says one other Magpie player tested after Scott Pendlebury negative result

“I’d reckon that would be a consistent scenario across the 18 clubs.

“We’re a little more aware of it because we understand that we want to keep this at bay as much as possible.

“Pendles himself basically had a bit of a runny nose and was diligent in presenting that to the doc and there was enough there to warrant getting a test.

“Whilst the focus is on one player at the moment, I’ve got little doubt there are other people in football programs that are in the same situation.”


McGuire told Triple M radio that he had been tested as a precaution after having a cough “out of nowhere” over the summer, travelling to the US for the Super Bowl and being in contact with many people in the course of his work in the media, on television and at Collingwood.

“You know what it’s like in our caper … people want to come up they want to have selfies, they want to shake your hand and before we knew what the isolation tactics were, you just went on about your daily business doing that sort of stuff,” he said.

“Bottom line is I went and had the coronavirus test last week.

“I got the all clear on the coronavirus, tick. I don’t have that.”


He said he has bronchitis. “That doesn’t mean I’m not going to get it down the track like anybody else but at this point in time I’m right and ready to go.”

McGuire described the test as uncomfortable at times, though brief, a sentiment echoed by Pendlebury in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

“They just do a nose swab, which is a fair way up the [nose with] like an earbud-type thing, but a long one,” Pendlebury said on an Instagram live session.

“It goes right up and almost feels like it hits you right between the eyes so your eyes start watering … not painful, just uncomfortable.

“Then they do a mouth swab and then I didn’t have time to check if they used the same end … hopefully they didn’t.

“Then they did a secondary test just in your nose I think to check for other viruses. So did that and literally left emergency.”

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