Coronavirus outbreak | Greg Baum says let’s get on with not getting on with it

In the not-news, AFL players want to play this weekend. They also want to play 22 rounds, no matter how many months it takes. With this in mind, the AFL has again postponed a decision on whether or not round one will be played this weekend as scheduled.

In more not-news, all sub-AFL footballers want to play, too, but can’t: their season has been postponed until May at soonest. So do Super Rugby players whose season has been summarily ended. So do the NBL basketballers whose grand final series has just been cancelled.

So do all the cricketers from Sheffield Shield down whose season was brought to an abrupt close on Tuesday, and locked out grassroots soccer players, too. Stawell Gift runners want to run, but won’t. Surfers want to surf Bells, but can’t.

NBA basketball, the English Premier League, the Champions League, the Copa America: all off. The Grand National: no race. It’s not because no-one wants to compete. It’s on best medical advice.

Island-continent Australia is a long way from the rest of the world, but it’s not a quarantine station. Nonetheless, here, the AFL can’t bring itself to say wait a moment. Nor can the NRL, nor can the A-League. Nor can the Olympics, but they have always been a law unto themselves. They will simply banish coronavirus by decree and give themselves a medal.


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