Chief medical officer forgets own advice, shakes hands

Speers asked Health Minister Greg Hunt and Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy if they were both at the meeting with Peter Dutton on Tuesday, who has since been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The two guests confirmed they had, but assured audiences they were not infected.

“No-one can be absolutely certain about everything but all of our advice, internationally, is that the peak infectious period is when you have symptoms,” Mr Murphy said.

Speers then hit them with another curveball – “why then yesterday did we see cleaners in Hazmat suits scrubbing the rooms where Peter Dutton had been on Tuesday?” he asked.

“I think that was an abundance of caution,” Mr Murphy said.

Mr Hunt flat out denied it.

“That wasn’t a decision I’m aware of,” the health minister said. “I’m not aware of any Cabinet involved in that.”

It wasn’t the only bombshell the ABC uncovered – Mr Murphy reportedly was seen shaking hands in the green room before the broadcast started.

Just minutes later, Mr Murphy advised viewers to “socially distance” themselves from others if they had recently travelled.

“Keeping a distance of 1.5m if possible from people, not close contact so not shaking hands,” he said.


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