Eurydice Dixon killer Jaymes Todd appeal bid

The killer’s lawyer unsuccessfully argued the man’s punishment is excessive.

“A young woman should be able to walk home alone after a night out without any fear of being harmed, let alone subjected to a vile sexual attack and killed,” Justices Anne Ferguson, David Beach and Phillip Priest wrote in their judgment.

Eurydice Dixon was nearly home from a night out at a comedy club when she was raped and murdered in June 2018.

Todd, then 19, stalked his 22-year-old victim for more than an hour before the attack at Carlton North’s Princes Park.

He was last year jailed for life and must serve 35 years before being able to apply for release on parole.

Eurydice Dixon’s body was found on a Carlton North soccer field. Picture: SuppliedSource:News Corp Australia


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