Malka Leifer bid for quicker extradition process rejected by Israeli court


“I was a young woman and have since matured, yet never have I seen such a request,” the judge said, according to the media report.

“Instead of acting in accordance with the instructions of the court, and advising its stance on the matters of investigating defence experts and the question of re-examining additional witness testimonies, the petitioner decided to submit an idle request without any legal basis.”

In his visit to Australia last month, Mr Rivlin told Australian MPs he will take up the extradition case with his country’s chief justice if no progress is made during court hearings that week.

Ms Leifer faces charges on 74 counts of sexual assault in Victoria related to accusations by three sisters who say they were abused while she was a teacher and principal at the school.

Mr Burns, whose Melbourne electorate of Macnamara takes in the school, wrote to Mr Rivlin on Tuesday to again raise concerns about the “constant delays” in the extradition trial.

“The extradition process of Malka Leifer has gone on far too long and Australians are expressing their increasing frustration with the endless delays,” Mr Burns wrote.

“While I make clear we do not wish to interfere with the independent judicial process currently underway, I again put our request that the extradition proceedings be completed as expeditiously as possible.”

Mr Burns also called on Israel authorities to investigate allegations its Health Minister Yaakov Litzman interfered in the extradition case.

Since extradition proceedings were first brought by Australia more than five years ago, there have been more than 60 court hearings and the case still has not moved to the formal extradition phase.

Ms Leifer’s defence lawyers have argued she was mentally unfit to be extradited, but a psychiatric panel declared she was fit to stand trial in January this year.

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