Local man ‘sure’ he saw William Tyrrell on day of disappearance

The inquest into the three-year-old’s 2014 disappearance resumed in Taree today.

Kendall resident Ronald Chapman was questioned about his claim that he saw a young boy wearing a Spider-Man suit the day William went missing in September 2014.

Missing boy William Tyrrell. Picture: NSW PoliceSource:News Corp Australia

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Mr Chapman was asked whether it was possible he had mistaken the boy – in the back seat of a white Toyota LandCruiser that went by his home – for the grandson of a neighbour who also owned a Spider-Man suit.

“I’m sure it was William Tyrrell that was in the vehicle,” he told the NSW Coroners Court.

“He just had his hands up on the window and was looking. His face wasn’t pressed against the glass but he was very close to the glass.

“He didn’t seem distressed or upset. Whether he knew the person I don’t know.”

The Toyota was followed by a “light blue” and “fairly large” sedan, he said.

“I wouldn’t know what make of vehicle but a six-cylinder because he really had his foot down when he cut the corner,” Mr Chapman said.

“He had almost two wheels on the grass. He had cut the corner that much that had there been another vehicle (coming the other way) they would have had a head-on collision.”

Witness Ronald Chapman. Picture: Nathan Edwards/AAP

Witness Ronald Chapman. Picture: Nathan Edwards/AAPSource:AAP

Former NSW Police homicide detective Gary Jubelin in Taree today. Picture: Nathan Edwards/AAP

Former NSW Police homicide detective Gary Jubelin in Taree today. Picture: Nathan Edwards/AAPSource:AAP

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Mr Chapman said he didn’t know William at the time but recognised him after seeing a TV news report about the boy’s disappearance.

He stated he was “the worst in the world” at telling the makes of cars but later saw a Toyota LandCruiser while stopped at roadworks.

The inquest continues.


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