Cass hits out: ‘Yes, I’m over my ex-husband’

Described by Thorburn as a “podcast about how to survive and hopefully thrive after separation,” Divorce Story sees the journalist and mum-of-three team with writer-broadcaster Annaliese Dent for a weekly in-depth chat.

“I’m Cass Thorburn and just over three years ago I had to start over. I had been with my partner for 21 years, had three children but my relationship ended and all of a sudden I found myself a single, stay-at-home mum,” Thorburn said by way of introduction.

Throughout the 40-minute podcast, Thorburn touched on her post-split appearance on Dancing With the Stars: “I would never have done that before. I would never have got up and danced like that, ever” – and she laughed about the topic of dating after divorce: “It’s a minefield out there, baby.”

Annaliese Dent and Cassandra Thorburn.Source:Supplied

Speaking to psychologist Jacqui Manning, Thorburn opened up a bit more about her own situation since splitting with Stefanovic.

“People often say, are you over them? Yes I’m over them. I’m over my ex-husband. But it’s about going through the grief of going through a divorce. Going through a divorce is really stressful, so that’s something to grieve – you’re grieving the process of what you’ve gone through,” she said. “My dad passed away not long after my divorce. That then adds to your grief.”

As the pair wrapped their first episode, Thorburn explained a little more of what listeners could expect in the episodes ahead.

“We will cover in these podcasts that you will have a better result if you have these conversations (with your ex-partner) together. You’ve invested so much time together, why not invest the time to wrap it up in a nice little bow and keep it as a solid, wonderful story? My parents were friends until the day my dad died – they were separated from their early 40s. It doesn’t have to be that perfect story that my parents had, but there’s a lot in between that and animosity.”

Thorburn with Karl Stefanovic at the 2011 Logie Awards.

Thorburn with Karl Stefanovic at the 2011 Logie Awards.Source:News Limited

Thorburn gave a string of headline-making interviews in the wake of her split from Stefanovic, who is now expecting a baby daughter with new wife Jasmine Yarbrough.

In October 2017 she told Woman’s Day that her ex-husband is now “dead” to her.

“The children still have a father but I don’t have a husband. He really is dead to me and no, we won’t ever be friends again,” she said.

In August 2018 she spoke to The Australian Woman’s Weekly, revealing that she and Stefanovic’s children “feel like we’re dead to his family and almost anyone from our old life”.

But in an appearance on Studio 10 later that year, Thorburn insisted she was “not a news story”.

“I’m just a mother who’s divorced from my ex-husband, and I’m trying to find my place back in the world,” she said.

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