Bulldog Toogood avoids serious knee injury

“We’re not looking ACL or anything, it was more of a knock in the knee. The doctors are pretty sure it’s nothing too serious which is good news,” said coach Nathan Burke.

“It’s a relief to me obviously but more so she doesn’t have to worry about that. But you just feel sorry for every player who goes through a serious injury and let’s hope we get through without any more.”

Bonnie Toogood has escaped serious injury,Credit:Getty Images

There’s no doubting the Bulldogs missed the 22-year-old once she went off. The change in structure it caused may have been critical in the final result.

“She was looking good and she’s been building every week. Her effort is outstanding and if she doesn’t mark it, she tackles, pressures and does everything,” Burke said.


“It did change a lot. Because of the size and length of the ground, we had a special plan where to play Bonnie and with a taller player behind her. But that’s football.”

Burke once again couldn’t question the endeavour of the Bulldogs against the Eagles, but at times their desire to do too much comes at the expense of sticking the game plan.

That’s something he wants to see an improvement in, starting next Sunday against Collingwood.

“We just lost some of our shape and structure a little bit. Once we got under the pump a little bit, we got a bit frantic. We all want to save the day and sometimes we can lose where we want to be,” Burke said.

“I don’t blame the girls for that because they just want to give more and more effort, but sometimes that effort takes us away from some of our plans.

“We just have to have a bit more composure in those situations.”


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